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This indicator represents graduation rates of undergraduate, full-time FTIC and transfer students. FTIC graduation rates are represented in four-, six-, and eight-year increments and detail the percentage of students from the adjusted cohort who graduate within the specified time. The fall FTIC cohort consists of first-time-in-college students from the fall semester and the previous summer who continue into the fall term. The six-year graduation rate is considered the standard of success by federal and state government, as well as institutions. The six-year rate is the figure most often used in research on undergraduate success and is commonly referred to in books and periodicals on the topic. Graduation rates are official only when reported to the federal government in its annual IPEDS Graduation Rates Survey.

Graduation rates for transfer students are not required by the federal government. Nevertheless, the graduation rates of transfer undergraduates apply to students who entered FSU with an Associate's degree. The three-year graduation rate is the standard measure of success for transfer students.

FTIC - First Time in College

Transfer - in a graduation rate context, transfer students are those who transferred to FSU after they attained Associate degrees elsewhere.

Federal law requires that institutions report 4-year, 6-year, and 8-year graduation rates. The data table also provides information on cohort size. Graduation rate data are made available to various survey and assessment organizations, in addition to federal and state governments.

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