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Office of Institutional Research

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This indicator provides the distribution of undergraduate courses taught by type of instructor. One view represents the distribution of lower-level (freshman and sophomore) courses taught by type of instructor, and the other view shows the distribution of upper-level (junior and senior) courses taught by type of instructor.

Salaried faculty teach a majority of undergraduate courses. The A&P and USPS personnel (two employee classes at FSU) included in this indicator possess the education and experience necessary to instruct undergraduates. Note that the graph collectively represents A&P/USPS, adjuncts, non-paid and other employees in the "Other Instructor" category.

The data include all classroom, discussion, and laboratory course sections, but exclude individual study sections. Each year's fall term data is used because it is considered the quintessential term for this metric.

Source: FSU Instruction and Research Data File

Revised each October for the previous year

Data visualization features provided by HighCharts JS. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 3.0.