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Office of Institutional Research


First Generation Undergraduate Students at FSU

November 2023

This Power BI visualization centers around first-generation students. This visualization includes: majors, departments, colleges, age, counties, and states. The viz also displays a race/ethnicity breakdown of first-generation and continuing generation students.

Transfer Students at FSU

October 2023

This Power BI visualization recognizes transfer students in the respective fall semesters as part of national transfer student week. This visualization includes race/ethnicity, gender, majors, departments, colleges, age, and county of origin within Florida.

Resident Assistants at FSU

February 2023

This Power BI visualization highlights Fall 2022 Resident Assistants in partnership with FSU Housing. This visualization includes demographic and academic factors, as well as returning/non-returning Resident Assistants and residential communities.

American Indian/Alaskan Native Students at FSU

November 2021

This Power BI visualization highlights students who identify as American Indian and Alaskan Native in Fall terms 2016 to 2020, in recognition of American Indian and Alaskan Native Heritage Month. The visual includes demographics, departments, degree level sought, county, state, country of citizenship, and further description of students full race/ethnicity identity.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Students at FSU

May 2021

This Power BI visualization was developed in recognition of Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Month. This visualization focuses on Fall 2020 AAPI students and includes demographic, academic, and geographic factors.

Data Models

ACE Tutoring Dashboard and Presentation

This Power BI dashboard and PowerPoint were presented to FSU’s Academic Center for Excellence (ACE). The materials show course grade outcomes based on engagement in ACE’s tutoring services (Learning Studio or ALS, Math Studio, and Group Tutoring). Students who were tutored in Fall and Spring terms in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 were compared to non-tutored peers enrolled in the same courses and terms. This study used descriptive statistics, linear regression, logistic regression, and nearest neighbor matching to help inform ACE of course grade outcomes of the services they provide. FSU login required.

DFW x Enrollment Dashboard

This Power BI visualization shows the average enrollment and average DFW, DF, and DW rates over Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters beginning in Fall 2016 and ending in Fall 2020. The visualization includes Top 10 and Top 25 ranked by [average enrollment] x [average DFW, DF, or DW, percent] and a time lapse to display how course positions change through Fall and Spring terms. FSU login required.