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Office of Institutional Research

Performance Indicators

Institutional Research has designed a series of interactive Performance Indicators to visualize Florida State University data. These indicators are a great resource for trend data to answer most information requests. You can click on the filters and labels to generate specialized views. Specific definitions and data sources are provided for each indicator in the Information section.

  1. Student Indicators
  2. Faculty & Staff Indicators
  3. Financial & Facilities Indicators

# Student Indicators
1 Admissions Headcounts & Yields
2 New Degree-Seeking Undergraduates and Graduates
3 Fall Term Average SAT, ACT and GPA for Entering Freshmen
4 Fall Term Average GRE Scores
5 Merit, Achievement and Hispanic Scholars
6 Student Enrollment (by Gender and Residency)
7 Fall Headcount by Race/Ethnicity
8 Distribution of Fall Headcount by Student Classification
9 Degree Seeking Undergraduate/Graduate Enrollment by College
10 Minority Enrollment
11 Annual Fundable and Non-fundable Student Credit Hours
12 Annual FTE
13 Course Hour Load
14 Undergraduate Class Size
15 Student Retention Rates
16 Retention Rate Comparisons
17 Student Graduation Rates
18 Graduation Rate Comparisons
19 Degrees Awarded
Faculty & Staff Indicators
20 Budgeted and Filled Faculty Positions
21 Filled Faculty Positions by Rank and School/College
22 Nine-Month Faculty Salary Data by College
23 Full-Time Instructional Faculty
24 Full-Time Employees by EEO Category
25 Teaching Assistants
26 Courses Taught by Type of Instructor
27 Faculty Personyears by Academic Functions
28 Faculty Average Salary Comparisons
29 Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty
Financial & Facilities Indicators
30 State Appropriations and Tuition and Fees Revenues Comparisons
31 C & G Expenditures and Federal R & D Expenditures in Science and Engineering
32 Tuition and Fees Comparisons
33 Professional School Tuition and Fees Comparisons
34 Room and Board Expense
35 Net Price of Attendance
36 Undergraduate Housing
37 Endowments and Gifts
38 FSU Student Loan Default Rate
39 Patents & Invention Disclosures
40 Booster Income