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Office of Institutional Research

Common Data Set

The Common Data Set is maintained by the Office of Institutional Research. It contains valuable resources that have been put on-line for the purposes of convenience and reference. Universities everywhere are requested to provide statistics and information for numerous publications, surveys, and general inquiries. Although the source of each inquiry is different, the theme is similar, and we often answer the same questions over and over. Now, by the use of the world wide web, we can increase our efficiency by standardizing each response. This effort is a part of a growing trend by universities worldwide. Please use these surveys at your will for the purpose of obtaining information about the Florida State University.

Open Common Data Set


Each year Florida State University submits twelve IPEDS surveys to The National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education. The surveys are comprehensive in scope, covering student demographics, faculty and staff data, and university finances. Summary-level data may be obtained by visiting the IPEDS College Navigator website.

Please contact IR if you need additional information regarding Florida State's IPEDS surveys.

Fall Winter Spring
Institutional Characteristics Student Financial Aid Fall Enrollment
Completions Graduation Rates Finance
12-month Enrollment 200% Graduation Rates Human Resources
Admissions Academic Libraries
Outcome Measures


External Surveys

FSU IR completes federally- and state-mandated surveys and reports as required by law. A series of federal surveys collectively referred to as IPEDS is one example of our compliance.

IR annually participates in dozens of publisher surveys, including the U.S. News & World Report, America's Best Colleges; Newsweek Kaplan College Guide; The Princeton Review; and Thompson/Peterson's surveys.

We also complete surveys resulting from FSU's membership in various data exchanges. The annual Oklahoma State University (OSU) Faculty Salary Survey is one example.

Internal Surveys

IR conducts or coordinates student surveys when requested by FSU senior administrators, collecting data on student or alumni opinions of their education and experiences at FSU. For example, since 2005, FSU has participated in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) every three years.