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Office of Institutional Research

Fact Book

The 2015-16 Florida State University Fact Book provides the most current data available for a general description of the activities of the university. Student information is provided through the Fall 2015 semester, or the 2015-16 academic year for annual figures. Other data are as current as could be obtained at the time of publication.

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2015-16 Fact Book (PDF Version)

Table of Contents

Links open in .pdf format unless otherwise indicated.  For help viewing Adobe documents, click here.  Please contact IR for alternate formats.  The page number column corresponds to the page numbers in the hard copy version of the Fact Book.

Executive Summary of Statistics
The Mission Statement of Florida State University1
Florida State University Perspective & the Official Seal of the University2
The History of Florida State University4
Governing Boards - Florida State University's Board of Trustees8
Governing Boards - State University System9
Historical Presidents and Current Officers of the University10
Organizational Structure11
Operating Budget 2015-1612
E & G Allocated Resources by Program Component 2015-1613
Faculty Senate14
External Sources for Research, Service, and Training Funds15
Tallahassee/Leon County, FL16
Student Characteristics, Fall 201518
First Time in College Students (FTIC) Admission Statistics19
New Student Headcount by Residency20
Headcount Enrollment (by Gender, Ethnicity, Level, Status, Campus and Age), Fall Semesters22
Headcount Enrollment (by College), Fall Semesters23
Geographical Origin of Students by Florida County, Fall Semesters24
Geographical Origin of Students by State, Fall Semesters26
Geographical Origin of Students by Country, Fall 201528
Geographical Origin of First Time in College (FTIC) Students by Florida County, Fall 201529
First Time in College (FTIC) Students by High School and State, Fall 201530
Florida Community/Junior/State College Transfers to FSU31
Retention & Graduation Rates for FTICs32
Retention & Graduation Rates for FTICs - Graphs33
Retention & Graduation Rates for Transfers34
Retention & Graduation Rates for Transfers - Graphs35
Total Student Credit Hours by Course Level and Class Level, Fall 201536
State Fundable Student Credit Hours by Department, Fall 201537
State Fundable Student Credit Hours and Headcount By Level/Semester40
Annual Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Enrollment (2009-10 through 2014-15 by Department)41
Annual State Fundable FTE Enrollment by College (2009-10 through 2014-15)50
Headcount Summaries by Academic Department (Fall 2013 - Fall 2015)51
Headcount Summaries by College, Fall Semesters54
Degrees Awarded by Program: 2014-15 (Summer, Fall, Spring)56
Degrees Awarded by College by Year (2009-10 through 2014-15)59
Enrollment History: Headcount by Level (Fall Terms Since 1905)61
Residence of Alumni by State62
Residence of Alumni by Florida County63
Panama City Campus Student Headcount Enrollment, Fall Semesters64
Distance Learning - Course Enrollment and Credit Hours67
Enrollment by Location (Campus, Site, International Location)68
Faculty Characteristics and Citations70
Faculty Positions71
Fall Headcount & Annual Student FTE per Filled Faculty Positions72
Mean Salary by Rank for Nine-Month Filled Faculty, 2015-1673
Faculty Salary Trends74
College of Medicine Faculty75
State Appropriated Employee Raise Information - Percentages76
Sources of Doctoral Degree, Instructional Faculty77
Tenured Faculty by Age, 2015-1678
Full-Time Employees by Occupational Category, Ethnicity and Gender, Fall 201579
Eminent Scholar Chairs81
Eppes, Daisy Parker Flory and McKenzie Professors82
Named Professorship Recipients83
Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professors86
Distinguished Teachers86
University Teaching Awards87
Developing Scholar and Graduate Faculty Mentor Awards91
University Advising Awards93
Distinguished Research, Research Mentor, Innovative Education Awards94
Other Faculty and University Dignitary Honors and Awards95
Ross Oglesby Award96
Honorary Degrees Awarded97
Institutes & Research Centers101
Florida State University Buildings - Some Facts104
FSU Buildings - Gross Square Feet and Number of Rooms106
Florida State University Site and Acreage Holdings109
University Libraries110
Center for Academic and Professional Development (CAPD)111
Division of Student Affairs112
University Housing114
Office of Financial Aid115
Intercollegiate Athletics116
Florida State University Ensembles118
The Florida State University Flying High Circus119
FSU Degree Program InventoryA
Campus MapC